Bridge Closure Notice - Township of Melancthon


Township of Melancthon

2ND Line SW

Bridge 15 Rehabilitation


File No.: 300040751.0000

The Township of Melancthon is rehabilitating Bridge 15 which is located on 2ND Line SW,

approximately 70 meters north of 250 Sideroad, located at Concession 2/3 SW, Lot 249, in the

Township of Melancthon, County of Dufferin. (See map attached to back of the Notice). The

emergency numbers on each side of bridge are #118399 (north) and #118201 (south).

The construction project includes replacing the existing barrier system, concrete repairs,

waterproofing and the associated roadworks. The Contract has been awarded to Reeves

Construction Ltd. and the road closure is proposed to commence on September 25, 2017

and it is anticipated that the project will be completed and the road reopened by November 15,

2017. Local access will be maintained at all time for residents and businesses entering from

either the North or the South.

Emergency Services, Student Transportation Services, Waste Collection and Postal Service will

all be notified of the road closure. Road closure notification and project information signs will be

installed and maintained throughout the road closure.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 1:45pm
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