Township of Southgate Police Service Board General Information and Structure

Township of Southgate Police Services Board General Information and Structure

The Township of Southgate Police Services Board meets four (4) times per year. All meetings begin at 9:00 AM and are held at the Township of Southgate Municipal Office, located at 185667 Grey County Road 9, Dundalk. Ontario. Attendance is open to the public. For current meeting dates please view the Committee/Board Calendar.

Township of Southgate Police Services Board Structure
As outlined in the Police Services Act, the Township of Southgate method of providing municipal police services is an agreement under Section 10, jointly with one or more other Councils to have police services provided by the Ontario Provincial Police. Often, this type of arrangement is called a "Section 10 Police Service Board." 

The Township of Southgate Police Services Board consists of four (4) members in addition to a non-voting recording secretary.
Board members include:

  • the head of the municipal council or, if the head chooses not to be a member of the board, another member of the council appointed by resolution of the council;
  • one member of the council appointed by resolution of the council;
  • one person appointed by resolution of the council, who is neither a member of the council nor an employee of the municipality; and
  • two persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. If an appointee of the Lieutenant Governor in Council is unable to serve, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services may appoint a replacement to serve until the Lieutenant Governor in Council selects a new appointee.
Typical Police Services Board Meeting Structure

A typical Police Services Board Meeting goes as follows:
A)   The Board Chair will call the meeting to order;
B) The Board will confirm the agenda (which is made available to Board members and the public in advance on the Township of Southgate webpage);
C) Board members will have the opportunity to declare a pecuniary interest, which is a conflict of interest that could cause a Board member to act in a partial way that would benefit them. An example of this would be an item on the agenda affecting a Board member in a way that will gain, lose or save them money;
D) The Board will adopt the minutes from the previous Police Services Board meeting;
E) The Board will receive the Detachment Commander's Quarterly Report on policing in the Township of Southgate. This includes an outline of trends in policing statistics, overview and updates on policing campaigns and other updates from the Detachment Commander;
F) The Board will receive correspondence from other Police Service Boards, municipalities, community groups etc. 
G) The Board will discuss and possibly decide on new and unfinished business. This could be in the form of a resolution (decision) made on a certain topic pertaining to police services, or simple discussion of a new topic that was not included in the agenda.
H) Board members will have the opportunity to bring up good news and other successes pertaining to Police Services in Members Privilege. 
I) Board members will be notified of the next meeting date if it has been determined in advance.
J) A Board member will move to adjourn the meeting once all agenda items have been exhausted. 
* At the first Police Services Board meeting of each year (which is generally in January), the Board will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair.  
** The Township of Southgate Police Services Board operates in accordance with the Police Services Board Procedural By-law 2019-01
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